Swiss Suite Bed and Breakfast Saint Joseph, MI

A two bedroom one bath suite for up to four guests

Our Story

 Welcome! The Swiss Suite is a long time dream of ours and has been formulated through many years of planning. Finally coming together when we were established in 2018, we are proud to say our Swiss Suite is everything we could have hoped for.

Come on in! Our goal is to create a bed and breakfast experience that allows our guests to enjoy a private, homey way to travel. We love staying in bed and breakfast's on any sort of trip because they allow us to spend more quality time together--as opposed to cramming our family into a standard double room at a hotel. We also like to be involved in the neighborhood we are staying in and love the recommendations our B&B hosts have shared with us as well. 

What is a Swiss Suite? Well, the idea stemmed from our homes' architecture and a little bit of brainstorming. We thought the high ceilings and pine floors along with the front peak of the house could remind some of a swiss chalet. We serve pastries from Bit Of Swiss Bakery as well as other popular bakeries as part of our continental breakfast. 

We have remodeled this house over the years that we have lived here, and our suite is the culmination of our efforts. We have built every piece, from the pine flooring to hand painting each and every baseboard. We would love to have you stay with us at our Swiss Suite, thank you very much for visiting our page. 

Experience our Swiss Suite

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